Being the “Brand Police” for hundreds of assets, how do you manage it?

Look for a great Marketing Portal to make this effortless and manageable.

Brand consistency is the key to keeping brand messaging consistent across all channels of communication. This means that whenever a customer interacts with a brand, they see and read the same logos, colors, tone, and core messages. Over time, adherence to this practice will make a brand more recognizable and memorable to consumers.

On the flip side, failing to keep brand messaging consistent can make it harder for customers to develop a relationship with the brand and can tank brand awareness efforts. And brand awareness is fundamental to a brand’s success. This is what sets a brand apart from its competition, what drives growth, and what establishes a brand in its market.

There are 4 hallmarks of a good marketing portal:

  1. Intuitive and Easy User Experience
  2. Powerful Personalization Engine
  3. Consolidate ALL Marketing Assets, Not Just Print
  4. Protecting the Customer’s Brand, Budget and Inventory

With the right solution, print buyers can leverage their marketing portal to ensure brand consistency among their marketing assets. These modern print solutions can put guardrails on the use of digital assets and the personalization of variable print. Make sure your network is always using the latest logos and other digital assets. Control what can be edited and to what degree on every personalized product.

GTMS US speaks on being the "brand police" for thousands of users.

These controls make it possible for brands to have the best of both worlds: On-Demand Assets and Brand Protection. Sales and marketing members can personalize, download, and order their materials as they need them and the company doesn’t have to worry about brand inconsistency.

Customization is easy and straightforward, for printable assets, digital files, promotional products, and apparel to more complex personalized brochures and kits.

This not only reduces the added costs involved in versioning and creative for local markets, it empowers their field network to work smarter to grow their brand.

Granular settings allow administrators to configure branding controls, spending limits, user rights, reporting and benefit from fact-based decision-making with a suite of reports and dashboards that can be accessed within the platform, on-demand 24/7.

GTMS Brand Management

GTMS believes that providing our clients with a single resource for a wide array of relevant and excellent marketing support services solutions is essential to supporting their success.


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